“Young doctors need to be supported”

Bamberg – "the future medical supply is also in our region a rough challenge, which must be mastered", CSU city councilor and member of the board of trustees of the bamberg social foundation, gerhard seitz, writes in a press release. The nationwide shortage of specialists has been noticeable for several years, especially in the health care sector, and particularly in the medical field. Hospitals outside universities and large cities are finding it increasingly difficult to fill their assistantships, and it is becoming more and more difficult for colleagues in private practice to find successors for their practices.
Since the social foundation is responsible for the health care of the citizens in the bamberg region, it has a duty to encourage and support young doctors in bamberg and the region general practitioner and specialist practices. The current financial conditions for a practice takeover are rather favorable at the moment due to low sales prices and low interest rates.
"The management of the social foundation should therefore help young colleagues who have been trained in our company to take over practices", so seitz. This not only raised the profile of the foundation, but also resulted in a trusting cooperation with the social foundation’s institutions.
At the same time, it would be important for the social foundation to think about new forms of cooperation and, if necessary, to establish and operate medical care centers (mvzs) together with physicians in private practice. Because regardless of how sensible and goal-oriented the health policy in berlin is assessed by the physicians in private practice and the clinics, both must nevertheless implement it and ensure reliable and good care for the citizens of the city and the country. Seitz has meanwhile submitted his request as a motion to the foundation council.

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