Zuckerberg’s sister now works for google

Zuckerberg's sister now works for google

The search engine leader announced on tuesday that it had taken over the online advertising company wildfire – which employs arielle zuckerberg, of all people.

"Congratulations wildfire! There are now officially more zuckerberg family members working for google than for facebook," marks’ older sister randi zuckerberg commented on the coup on the short message service twitter. She gave her contribution the keyword "awkward". But she wasn’t entirely serious: she added a winking smiley to her tweet. Which relatives still work at google, love them openly.

Randi zuckerberg is the best known of the zuckerberg sisters. She was in charge of marketing for facebook until last year, when she went freelance. The younger arielle, on the other hand, decided to pursue a career outside of facebook: according to the self-description in her blog, she works as a junior product manager at wildfire.

However, arielle zuckerberg does have a connection to her brother’s company. Wildfire interactive helps other companies to run advertising campaigns on social networks – first and foremost on facebook, but also on twitter, linkedin or pinterest. The advertising company is four years old and has about 350 employees.

With the acquisition of wildfire, google’s own advertisers now have new ways to reach people, google executive jason miller said tuesday on the company’s blog. The group is a power in the internet advertising business, mainly thanks to its search engine. With google+, however, the internet giant has also built up a direct facebook rival.

According to the "wall street journal" and the financial news agency bloomberg, google will pay around 250 million dollars (200 million euros) for the takeover. Google itself did not reveal a price.

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